Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Record for Organic Photovoltaic Cell

Global Photonic Energy Corporation, developer of organic photovoltaic technology for ultra-low cost high power solar cells, announced that the company's research partners at Princeton University and the University of Southern California have achieved a new record in an organic solar cell that is responsive to light in the near infrared range of the solar spectrum. NIR radiation is invisible to the human eye.

Organic semiconductors contain the ubiquitous element carbon and are capable of achieving ultra-low cost solar power generation that is competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources. Organic materials have the potential to achieve ultra-low cost production costs and high power output. The materials are ultra-thin and flexible and can be applied to large, curved or spherical surfaces. Because the layers are so thin, transparent solar cells can be applied to windows creating power-generating glass that retains its basic functionality.

Under only NIR radiation, the Princeton solar cell would appear to be generating power in the dark -- as the human eye is only sensitive to visible light.

"This latest device demonstrates that significant power can be harvested from the IR and near-IR portion of the solar spectrum.", said Dr. Stephen R. Forrest. "In fact, this novel approach has the potential to double the power output of organic solar devices with power harvested from the near-IR and IR portion of the solar spectrum. With this approach we are well on our way to power levels exceeding 100 watts per meter."


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