Friday, December 23, 2005

The Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium Grows

Plug-in hybrids are attracting more and more attention. Southern California Edison has now joined a consortium of automotive suppliers, manufacturers and other organizations working together to accelerate the commercial production of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Another new member joining the Consortium recently is Enax, makers of advanced Lithium batteries from Japan. Enax is also known for their high power battery technology capable of 5 minute rapid recharge and robotic manufacturing techniques.

The Consortium was organized to help reduce the R&D gap between component suppliers and OEMs; and to coordinate and accelerate the development of critical new solutions while reducing the development time for the next generation hybrid vehicles. The members of this growing Consortium plan to develop compatible components and cost-effective working designs, that would enable a plug-in hybrid that achieves 100-200 total mpg petroleum economy by driving its first 25 - 50 miles in all electric zero emission mode. This "Dual Mode" PHEV will then continue to operate in a high-efficiency hybrid electric mode to achieve conventional range of operation.


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