Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First "Certified Marketer" of Biodiesel

Sprague Energy, Inc. has become the first petroleum distributer to earn a certified marketer designation under the voluntary biodiesel quality program, BQ-9000.

BQ-9000 is a quality assurance certification program that includes procedures for fuel storage, handling and management aimed at ensuring fuel quality throughout distribution. There are two categories: certified marketer and accredited producer. Although there are more than a dozen accredited producers, Sprague Energy is only the second company to become a certified marketer. The other is Peter Cremer, an Ohio-based biodiesel manufacturer.

The New Hampshire based company recently opened a rack-blended biodiesel terminal in Albany, New York. The terminal helps home heating and diesel fuel retailers throughout Upstate New York, Vermont and Western Massachusetts supply a precisely blended biofuel product to their customers. Sprague’s Albany terminal, which also stores approximately 40 million gallons of traditional petroleum fuels, stores 40,000 gallons of pure biodiesel. The B100 is blended with diesel fuel for over-the-road applications and #2 heating oil for residential and commercial heating applications.


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