Friday, June 24, 2005

A new generation of electric cars is beginning to make its appearance.

The Renault Kangaroo Electric is a new generation of electric vehicles for urban mobility.

The Peugeot 106 Electric goes from 0 - 40 mph in a few seconds of smooth, uninterrupted acceleration and recharges in just a few hours.

The Peugeot Partner Electric offers something in the minivan range.

Meanwhile, Norway has begin to install fast changing stations that can recharge a car's batteries in only 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Indian company, Reva, has introduced a line of cars that can carry four persons at 65 km/hr at range of 80 kms on full charge, and recharge in six hours. PowerShift of the UK has recognized the REVA as the most energy efficient electric vehicle in the world.

RECC has already established markets in Sri Lanka, Israel, Romania, Ireland, Japan and Cyprus for marketing, sales and service of the REVA cars. In addition, the cars are being test marketed in USA and Switzerland.


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