Sunday, October 17, 2004

Phase II of Renewable Energy in America

A conference this winter by the American Council on Renewable Energy, in conjunction with the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Caucus of the US Senate and US House of Representatives, will attempt to launch what they are calling "Phase II" of renewable energy in America.

"It is time for a return to the taxpayers for their 30-year investment in renewable energy technologies." said Roger Ballentine, ACORE Board member, president of Green Strategies, and previously head of the climate change task force under President Clinton, "The Phase II policy framework needs to encompass renewable fuels for national security and renewable electricity for global warming and environmental protection."

ACORE, in conjunction with Worldwatch Institute, is producing a pre-conference report in November entitled Renewable Energy in America: the Call for Phase II. Christopher Flavin, president of Worldwatch, is chairing the editorial board for the report.

"The fact is that many other countries around the world, like Germany and Japan, are moving ahead on the adoption of renewable energy," Flavin said. "The U.S. needs to catch up, and Phase II is the policy envelope within which we can do it."

The conference will include a high-level policy forum to be held in the Cannon Office Building Caucus Room on December 7.

The technologies are there and the access to policy makers is there. What renewable energy needs is the kind of lobbying clout that the oil and gas companies have in order to get any significant movement out of congress.


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