Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Micropower 'could fuel UK homes'

A British group called the Green Alliance is promoting homes built to be self sufficient in energy.

A mini-power station on the roof of many UK homes will soon be possible and affordable, a British think-tank says.

The Green Alliance, an independent body which advises policy-makers, says that micropower schemes have come of age.

In a report which will be published on 15 September, it says the Sun, the wind and even the heat in the soil can all provide clean energy for a household. ...

Entitled A Micro-generation Manifesto, it describes the concept as "the generation of low-carbon heat and power by individuals, small businesses and communities to meet their own needs."

The report says: "Bringing energy generation closer to people in this way will forge the vital link between our concern about climate change and our energy consumption in the home...

"Homes with micro-generation are also affordable homes, with low or zero energy costs.

"And by curbing the rising demand for imported electricity, home energy generation can avert the need for investment in large new power stations and the aging grid network."

This kind of home would have the double advantage of being non-polluting, and of being independent of major energy corporations, their bought and paid for government representatives, and unreliable, autocratic governments that control most of the world's remaining oil.


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