Friday, June 11, 2004

The Province of Prince Edward Island has set a gola of producing 100% of their electricity with wind energy by 2015. This ambitious goal would make them nearly impervious to the looming energy crisis. Anybody who has ever experienced a Canadian winter knows the necessity for maintaining a reliable energy source there. With this action Prince Edward Island may be able to ride out the storms that are coming/

Province Moves Toward 100% Electricity from Wind Power

he province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) plans to introduce renewable tariffs later this year, the first jurisdiction to do so in North America. The tariffs will be used to develop community-owned wind generation on the island.

The renewable tariffs are part of a comprehensive proposal to produce 100% of the island's electricity with wind energy by 2015. Wind turbines at North Cape currently produce 5% of Prince Edward Island's electricity, the highest percentage of wind generation within a province in Canada.

Prince Edward Island's ruling Progressive Conservative Party endorsed the renewable energy proposal at its recent caucus. The caucus will table enabling legislation this fall.

"This is the most far-reaching proposal of its kind in North America," says Paul Gipe, acting executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA). "I hope that the federal political parties make note of what PEI is doing."

Canada is in the midst of a bitter election campaign where wind energy has become part of the debate. The ruling Liberal Party has been duelling with both the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois over who will do more for wind energy. Neither the Conservative Party nor the Green Party have made any specific proposals. None of the federal parties have proposed renewable tariffs.

"It's heartening that the federal parties are finally paying attention to the potential of wind energy in Canada," says Gipe, an expert on the topic, "but none of the party platforms compare to PEI's proposal. Let's hope that PEI's plan lights a fire under the federal parties."

Prince Edward Island's renewable tariffs are patterned after those used for nearly two decades in Denmark. Germany used renewable tariffs until 2000 when it introduced a more advanced tariff program. Spain also uses renewable tariffs. The three countries are the world's leading manufacturers and users of wind turbines. Collectively they employ nearly 80,000 in the wind industry.


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This is false. The PEI government does not propose to obtain 100% of our power by wind by 2015.

The Conservative government did everything but tie itself in knots trying to get a gas pipeline to PEI from the destructive off-shore Sable Gas project in Nova Scotia. Failure to get a gas pipeline forced government to look at other options.

From a government meida release:

Passed during the fall 2004 session of the Legislative Assembly, the Renewable Energy Act requires utilities to acquire at least 15 per cent of electrical energy from renewable sources by 2010.


Renewabe energy for this government includes damming a river in Labrador and importing power to PEI. It also includes building a wood burning plant to generate electricity from the pitiful forests left after years of clearcutting this government sanctioned.

The latest windmill project on PEI will be sending the electricity to the United States - in high voltage power lines that pass right in front of citizen's homes, against their will.

Nothing green about this Conservative government.


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